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Welcome to the official Kubbi website.

I make music on computers.

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 Good morning London!  Getting there.  Thursday! www.kubbimusic.com/ember
 Ember is now available at Http://kubbi.bandcamp.com   Well, I guess when running 50+ plugins you should expect your computer to make loud whitenoise then bluescreen. Don't forget to save, folks!!

Getting my head back in the game with 2 new tracks in the works. Both of them unlike anything I've ever done before. A few interesting collabs under consideration too, something I rarely do.

Y'all better stay tuned for whatever comes next.
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“Back to work after a few weeks break. Nothing like.... whatever this is”

5 days ago  ·  

Cascade just got uploaded to MrSuicideSheep no big deal o___o

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3 weeks ago  ·  

My buddy Tri Angles released a new record today and it's beyond stellar! His music kick started the Kubbi project 4 years ago and it still fuels me with inspiration.
Go have a look at 'ILLEGAL'

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4 weeks ago  ·  

Great news to everyone worried about my albums suddenly disappearing from Spotify and similar digital services; Not to worry, brethren! Thanks to everyone paying for my albums, they should be up and running in a matter of days.

Meanwhile, why not enjoy Ember some more ;)
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1 month ago  ·